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Re-Booting Transition

It’s been painfully obvious for a long time now that our Transition group is not operating as it should be. In fact, it is virtually defunct. So, once again I’m thinking of how to re-invigorate it. I’ve bought Rob Hopkins’s … Continue reading

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Pest Control

It’s really very rewarding to grow good organic vegetables and to hear people say how tasty they are, and it’s equally satisfying to know that you are helping to build up biodiversity both in the soil and above ground on … Continue reading

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Going Vegan

Although I’ve been vegetarian for about 26 years now, I’ve never been particularly attracted to veganism, largely because I didn’t think I’d enjoy eating without the option of dairy products. However, since reading The China Study┬áby Colin Campbell, which links … Continue reading

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Eat Local, Eat Organic

Now that I’ve got a steady supply of fresh organic vegetables coming from my ‘farm’ – it’s scarcely a farm, but no one talks about allotments here – I’m learning how to eat stuff that’s in season rather than thinking … Continue reading

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