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On Yer Bike

In the six or so years that I’ve been following the Peak Oil(PO) story, I can’t remember coming across anything that came remotely close to convincing me that the peak oilers had got it wrong. On the contrary, the warnings … Continue reading

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Hope in a Changing Climate

On Wednesday evening, April 20, The Asia Society put on a talk by John Liu of the Environment Education Media Project. John is a film maker and has made documentaries on environmental degradation in a whole range of countries, including … Continue reading

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The Bee Man Cometh

Thanks to Kate Ringrose’s endeavours a few of us were able to spend an hour or two at our community garden with Michael Leung from HK Honey, an organisation which we previously knew nothing about. We were interested to know if … Continue reading

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Swap Party

Transition South Lantau is holding another of its popular Swap Parties next Saturday. This is a great way to put items that you no longer want back into circulation, thus relieving pressure on our groaning landfills; enabling others to pick … Continue reading

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Inside Job

If you’ve not already ground your teeth down to the gums in anger and frustration at the blatant criminality of the US banking system being allowed to get away scot-free by the US political and justice system before, during and … Continue reading

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