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Growing Food in the City

David Sanders and Binglaw are well-known amongst many of Hong Kong’s organic farming community, so there will be considerable interest in the book they have just published called¬†Growing Food in the City – Microgardening: A Practical Guide. I asked Dave¬†a … Continue reading

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Chickens ate my garbage

The French village of Pince has come up with an innovative way of responding to the EU Directive to divert domestic waste from going into landfills. They have decided to give a couple of chickens to each household to keep … Continue reading

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A Cock or Two’ll Do!

It is now over six years since the Hong Kong government imposed a ban on keeping backyard poultry. This was in response to the bird flu scare that was sweeping the country at the time, and covers chickens, ducks, geese, … Continue reading

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HK Waste Disposal

It’s excellent news that the HK government are unable to get the money necessary to go ahead with their plans to build an incinerator on Shek Kwu Chau off Lantau Island. No doubt the problem will now be postponed until … Continue reading

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On Yer Bike

In the six or so years that I’ve been following the Peak Oil(PO) story, I can’t remember coming across anything that came remotely close to convincing me that the peak oilers had got it wrong. On the contrary, the warnings … Continue reading

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Regenerating Hong Kong

What should Hong Kong look like in the future if it is to respond successfully to the multiple challenges facing the world at the moment? What should it do to build resilience in the light of climate chaos and peak … Continue reading

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