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A Cock or Two’ll Do!

It is now over six years since the Hong Kong government imposed a ban on keeping backyard poultry. This was in response to the bird flu scare that was sweeping the country at the time, and covers chickens, ducks, geese, … Continue reading

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“Nothing changes the planet as much as the way we eat.” The new film “Planeat” by Shelley Lee Davies (formerly of HK) and Or Shlomi will be shown by Transition South Lantau on Saturday 3 September in Mui Wo. The … Continue reading

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The China Study

Although I’ve been vegetarian for many years, I’ve never stopped eating dairy products and had no expectation of being persuaded to become vegan. When Monika Hendry lent me The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas M. … Continue reading

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Cracking Up

The transition process is very much about relocalizing activities of all kinds so as to strengthen local resilience, thereby enabling local communities to cope better with some of the stresses that Peak Oil (PO) and Global Warming (GW) will increasingly … Continue reading

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