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Starting a Community Garden

After making a number of requests over┬áthe years to see if anyone was interested in setting up a community garden on my allotment, and not really getting anywhere, it finally dawned on me that it makes more sense to simply … Continue reading

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Kids’ Stuff

The situation in Japan and the MENA countries has the distinct feel of a world imploding, and I can’t help but think that things are likely to deteriorate further over the next few years as global warming, peak oil and … Continue reading

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Square Foot Gardening

Now, you may think I’m having a laugh printing a picture of my untended square foot garden, but actually I want to show you just how idle you can be and still end up with some decent vegetables. I’ve previously … Continue reading

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Directions to Mabel’s Farm

To get to Mabel’s organic farm you need to get on the Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA) road which links Tai Tei Tong(TTT) with Luk Tei Tong(LTT), two villages at the back of Mui Wo. If you take Rural Committee Road … Continue reading

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