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Dragontail Farm

It was discovering the imminent arrival of Peak Oil that really got me interested in growing food about eight years ago. Because conventional, chemical farming allied to the globalised distribution system is so dependent on cheap oil, it seemed a … Continue reading

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Chickens ate my garbage

The French village of Pince has come up with an innovative way of responding to the EU Directive to divert domestic waste from going into landfills. They have decided to give a couple of chickens to each household to keep … Continue reading

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Truly’s Indonesian Banana Hearts

A number of people asked for a ‘workshop’ to see how to make Indonesian Banana Hearts (flowerhead). Truly showed a group of us how. Ingredients for family of four: 3/4 shallots 270ml coconut milk 1 banana heart chillies salt – … Continue reading

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Spring is Sprung, at last.

Winter lasted a very long time by Hong Kong standards, but now really seems to have finished, with the warm weather coming fairly suddenly and having a very noticeable effect upon plant growth. For a long time many seeds either … Continue reading

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Going Vegan

Although I’ve been vegetarian for about 26 years now, I’ve never been particularly attracted to veganism, largely because I didn’t think I’d enjoy eating without the option of dairy products. However, since reading The China Study┬áby Colin Campbell, which links … Continue reading

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Eat Local, Eat Organic

Now that I’ve got a steady supply of fresh organic vegetables coming from my ‘farm’ – it’s scarcely a farm, but no one talks about allotments here – I’m learning how to eat stuff that’s in season rather than thinking … Continue reading

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Walking your Talk

The Transition Movement is to some extent a reaction to the growing frustration felt by the likes of Rob Hopkins with the inept responses of governments to the twin threats of global warming and peak oil: if governments won’t do … Continue reading

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