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Cloud Cuckoo Land

It’s difficult to read some of the proposals for the future development of Hong Kong without concluding that the gap between the intemperate dreams of the developers and the actual state of affairs in the real world is so great … Continue reading

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GM Papaya in Hong Kong

There is an Ordinance before Hong Kong’s LegCo which is designed to exempt papaya from the rules supposedly protecting the environment from the release of GM organisms. Papaya is to be exempted because, according to the Notice: Based on the … Continue reading

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No Expectations

In recent years, as the ice pack of the Arctic has progressively retreated, leaving the North-West Passage free for ships to pass through, more and more observations have been made of methane bubbling up from the warming waters below. Methane … Continue reading

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Swarming Bees

At this time of year bees swarm, it seems. That is, they produce a new queen by feeding one of the brood royal jelly, and this queen eventually leaves the hive and takes a swarm of young bees with her … Continue reading

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