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GM Papaya in Hong Kong

There is an Ordinance before Hong Kong’s LegCo which is designed to exempt papaya from the rules supposedly protecting the environment from the release of GM organisms. Papaya is to be exempted because, according to the Notice: Based on the … Continue reading

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Pest Control

It’s really very rewarding to grow good organic vegetables and to hear people say how tasty they are, and it’s equally satisfying to know that you are helping to build up biodiversity both in the soil and above ground on … Continue reading

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Hope in a Changing Climate

On Wednesday evening, April 20, The Asia Society put on a talk by John Liu of the Environment Education Media Project. John is a film maker and has made documentaries on environmental degradation in a whole range of countries, including … Continue reading

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The End of the Line

We’re often told about the fact that we are currently participating in the sixth great extinction, primarily because of what we’re doing to the rainforests. But it’s not always easy to grasp the reality of how many species we’re destroying … Continue reading

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