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Dragontail Farm

It was discovering the imminent arrival of Peak Oil that really got me interested in growing food about eight years ago. Because conventional, chemical farming allied to the globalised distribution system is so dependent on cheap oil, it seemed a … Continue reading

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Submission on HK’s Third Runway

I have cobbled together some of the information from previous posts to send to the Airport Authority Hong Kong as a submission regarding their plans to build a third runway at HK’s airport. This is what I wrote: I would … Continue reading

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HK’s Third Runway

The Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has just released a consultation paper on its proposals for a third runway at the airport: The business world is drooling over the prospect of reclaiming more of those useless waters around HK, … Continue reading

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Although I don’t buy newspapers and I no longer have a tv, it seems to me, from skimming through websites and trawling through the wonderful posts at , that Peak Oil is now fairly regularly being mentioned, along with … Continue reading

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On Yer Bike

In the six or so years that I’ve been following the Peak Oil(PO) story, I can’t remember coming across anything that came remotely close to convincing me that the peak oilers had got it wrong. On the contrary, the warnings … Continue reading

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Oil, what is it good for?

Our recent Friday evening meeting brought to light some interesting queries. The one I want to focus on is the question of how dependent we are on oil, especially within our own homes. A question mark seemed to have been … Continue reading

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Oil Be Damned

Watching The End of Suburbia and listening to Colin Campbell talk about Peak Oil was a galvanising experience for Rob Hopkins. It was his ‘Peak Oil Moment’ and it motivated him to get his students to produce the Kinsale Energy … Continue reading

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