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Climate Septic

I’ve heard that Professor Ian Plimer from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of The University of Adelaide is giving a talk at the Hong Kong City Hall on the 25th June in relation to the topic Global Warming: Why Skeptical? If any … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not

There have been many warnings recently about an imminent global food crisis, and since 2008 we have seen food riots in a number of countries, as well as seeing the price of food playing a role in the uprisings in … Continue reading

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Spring is Sprung

Maybe it was the long, cold (by Hong Kong’s standards) winter, or maybe it was the long, dry Spring with scarcely a trace so far of the sopping humidity that caused black mould to crawl over everyone’s ceilings last year, … Continue reading

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Arguing the Toss

I’ve often silently castigated myself for not using every opportunity to bring climate chaos and peak oil into conversations at appropriate times. To some extent it seems to be cowardice on my part for not trying to convince people of … Continue reading

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