Newsletter 99

Permaculture – David Holmgren’s latest essay on retro-fitting the suburbs:
Climate – a response to Bill McKibben’s call to arms against the oil companies:
and Sharon Astyk looks at getting people onside over the same issue:
and Kate sent this link to James Hansen’s latest paper:
GM – Fabian sent this article on links found between GM food and obesity:
Gardening – Fabian sent this bizarre article on US gardeners and the law:
Italy – a brief look at how not to save Italy:
Health – working towards a healthcare system that is truly sustainable:
and this looks at the effect of fluoride upon IQ. Thanks to Fabian:
Options – we’re running out of them. Kate sent this clip which makes the point succinctly:
Waste – one company’s attempt to tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch:
Nuclear – a look at the debate about fast-breeder reactors:

About transitionsl

I've been an English teacher for the best part of 30 years, teaching in England, Tanzania, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong. I've always been interested in nature and environmental issues, but it was the discovery of Peak Oil about five years ago that galvanised me into trying to help my local community to prepare for what will be a dramatically different world to the one many of us have been used to. I've been helping to run a transition group, following the guidelines created by Rob Hopkins's Transition Movement in the UK. This blog is an attempt to engage in discussion with a wider group of people in Hong Kong on the ways to transition from our current oil dependency to a state of fossil-free local resilience.
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