Newsletter #92

Economy – if you like gloomy predictions, try this slide show:
more optimistically, we need a steady state economy:
and Greece should be a warning to all of us:
Waste – alarming increases in waste expected:
Energy Slaves – a good article on the energy each of us uses, and a reminder of Ivan Illich’s insights:
Biofuels and Food – a new report from Actionaid:
The Disabled – a revealing article on attitudes to the aged and disabled:
Food Chemicals – Fabian sent this article on acrylamide, a possible carcinogen:
Fluoride – an interesting short video on water fluoridation, although I’ve yet to see any conspiracy theory that makes any sense. Sent by Fabian:
GM – I’ve sent this film round before, but Fabian has reminded us of it. It’s an important account of how Monsanto operates:
and this article looks at the influence of companies like Monsanto on higher education and research:

About transitionsl

I've been an English teacher for the best part of 30 years, teaching in England, Tanzania, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong. I've always been interested in nature and environmental issues, but it was the discovery of Peak Oil about five years ago that galvanised me into trying to help my local community to prepare for what will be a dramatically different world to the one many of us have been used to. I've been helping to run a transition group, following the guidelines created by Rob Hopkins's Transition Movement in the UK. This blog is an attempt to engage in discussion with a wider group of people in Hong Kong on the ways to transition from our current oil dependency to a state of fossil-free local resilience.
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