TSL Newsletter #91

Degrowth– excellent short interview with Bill Rees summing up the state we’re in and why we deny it:
Peak Oil – a brief review of the issue since ASPO started 10 years ago:
Climate – the IEA’s chief economist on how we’re heading for 6 degrees of ‘warming’:
Global Boundaries – a short, interesting article on Rio and nature’s boundaries:
Local Food – thanks to Chris Bailey for this article on the Incredible Edible towns:
and then there’s obesity:
Honey – how to store honey long-term:
China – environment seen as most important issue:
and the state of the soil is one reason for concern:
Economy – heading into another recession:
Nature – work outside, reconnect:
HK Weather – Monika sent this review of May’s weather:

May 2012 was warmer than usual. The mean temperature of the month was 27.0 degrees, 1.1 degrees above the normal figure of 25.9 degrees. The early part of the month was exceptionally warm. With the prevalence of warm maritime airstream together with abundant sunshine, the mean temperature rose to 27.7 degrees during 1 to 15 May and tied with that of 1977 as the highest in the first half of May since record began. Moreover, the lowest temperature of the month as recorded on 5 May was 24.1 degrees, the highest absolute minimum temperature for May on record.

The minimum temperature recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory reached 28.0 degrees on 3 May, the earliest occurrence of ‘Hot Night’ since record began.
‘Hot Night’ refers to the condition with the daily minimum temperature equal to or higher than 28.0 degrees

The monthly total rainfall was 277.7 millimetres, about 9 percent below normal. About 70 percent of the monthly total rainfall was associated with the heavy rain episodes in the latter half of May. The accumulated rainfall since 1 January was 666.3 millimetres, slightly above the normal figure of 640.7 millimetres for the same period.


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